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May you be blessed and encouraged as you read through some of these testimonies.

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"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012 by two doctors, they both said that this disease is not curable, they only treat the symptoms which are, relentless muscle and bodily pain, migraines, memory loss, tiredness, to name a few. Wanting to know more I subscribed to a support network and copied and pasted from their FB page, here to show what they tell people (they have over 70 000 subscribers!)
Fibromyalgia Network:
Is there a cure?
No, but there are researched treatments that have been shown to be helpful for reducing the symptoms...

Prophet Willie received a Word and Vision from God in November 2012, acted out on the 27th of January 2013, the first prophetic breakthrough pool service, captives to be set free, demons to go to dry places AND he also taught us to declare and decree the Word of God in our lives, into situations, declaring the TRUTH of God, which we started doing since we started attending his services in Porterville. After the prophetic pool on Sunday, the lying symptoms of this illness started flaring up again, causing lots of muscle pain and a sore throat, I had no sleep Tuesday evening, I had a fever of 38deg, I decided to go to the doctor once again Wednesday morning. Doctor found a throat infection(reason for the fever, also heart palpitations because of the infection) - to be treated with antibiotics. Then we started talking yet again of this illness and the doctor says: "Fibromyalgia does go away over a year or two..." I am not only healed, God also changed the report of the doctors! IT IS WRITTEN - YOU ARE HEALED BY THE STRIPES OF JESUS! Thank You Lord!!! Thank you Prophet!!!!"

Trudie van Rhyn

Prophet Willie, you and Ansie are a blessing in my life for you have taught me what the Bible - the Word - is all about. For the first time in my life has the Word being exposed to me. I can now understand and use it in my daily life. I sit sometimes totally in awe to think how I missed out in life without the Word. You don’t realize what an impact you have on a person’s life, by being there and teaching us the Word. THANK YOU. I pray that the people of this area will realize what they are missing out on and that they will come and get real food for their lives. Where are we going to get another Prophet of Fire to teach us the Word like you do.

Bernadette Wilkinson

I would like to share this testimony to encourage others. From a very young age, our son Estian, fell in love with airplanes and aviation. Even before starting school he would build model airplanes from anything he could get in the garage. His dream is to fly these huge freight planes on humanitarian missions into Africa. So in his final year in school in 2008, grade 12, we applied for admission into the South African Air Force. At the end of 2008 he went for assessment, but due to “political” actions, wasn’t selected. He was told by the Air Force to try again in July 2009, then contacted and told to try again in October 2009. They then postponed it to November 2009. In the meantime he couldn’t apply for any other work or for further studies as the expectation was created that he could try again for acceptance into the Air Force. Then in February of 2010 he again went up to Pretoria for assessment and examinations. This time only finger prints were taken and with out any assessment, examination or explanation some of the applicants were just sent home. This was a huge plow to Estian’s faith in the Bible, anointing with oil, prayer, etc. Satan was really trying to take our son’s dream away from him. After some advice from an acquaintance, we applied at a private flying school, 43 Flying School in Port Alfred. In order for us to pay a huge amount for this training, we had to take out a second mortgage on our house. The bond was cleared but could suddenly not be registered as the paperwork got lost between the Bank and lawyers. A problem that cost us another R12 000.00 extra. The devil again played his hand to try and get us discouraged and loose our focus. Estian started with his pilot training in September 2010. About a month into His training we received a call that he could not continue as the doctor that did his physical examinations made a mistake with dates on the forms. Estian could only continue with his training after it was rectified. Another blow and disappointment to our son. Estian also struggled a little bit with the exams as it were all in English and he is Afrikaans speaking. In his preliminary tests he would get over 85% but during the real tests he wouldn’t even get 75% which was needed to pass. This was when he contacted us and asked us to start praying for him. This was when we really entered into spiritual warfare by applying all the teachings we have received from prophet Willie Delport and Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries. We sent Estian a copy of a testimony we read in “Real People, Real Needs, Real Victories" of Kenneth Copeland about a pilot in the USA who went through similar struggles and after a long period how God opened the doors for him to become one of the top pilots in America. We also sent him Biblical declarations to put on his wall and encouraged him to start declaring it over his life and not to give the devil an inch. We started fasting, praying and declaring. Prophet Willie prayed and declared with us and encouraged us, so also were there people in KLSM that prayed with us. The breakthroughts started coming and Estian’s faith (and ours) started growing (he even found a place to stay in Port Alfred with a born-again lady). With his final exam he needed 2% to pass. Satan was still not satisfied. Estian could not understand how he could have failed so he went and assest his own paper. He then found that the navigation lecturer had made a mistake and that the answer on the national computer was wrong. This was sent through to Johannesburg, but with no reply from Johannesburg, he requested to take the exam again. This time he did even better even if they would have corrected the mistake. Estian received his PPL (Private Pilot’s License) with flying colors and with only good reports from all the instructors and lecturers. We now trust God that he will be admitted to the flying school’s caddett program to continue his training as a commercial pilot, get his commercial license and so fulfill his dream to fly the huge Hercules airplanes. Thank God for the teachings we got at KLSM, and for His Word that never changes and forever stay true.

André & Ester de Jager

I would firstly like to thank God for the time He spends with me in the services. My first wonderful experience in Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries was one evening when we were all so drunk under the power of the Holy Spirit. Prophet Willie called me out and just touched the left side of my cheek. Suddenly I had an experience and picture of Jesus teaching us out of His Word. I am sitting at His feet with my left cheek against His knee. I can’t describe the light, love and atmosphere I experienced. I thank God for using prophet Willie to help us get to God and experience Him. One recent Sunday I was standing behind prophet Willie holding his hand very lightly. He remarked that it was like running a relay and I am holding the baton. Suddenly I heard Jesus say, “Hold his hand tightly.” As I did it I saw black water tossing and turning and the wind blowing fiercely. Jesus said, “Come and walk on the water with Me.” It was an awesome experience to walk with Him. I had to walk above my circumstances and He allowed me to experience it. I have also learned that when you fall under the power of the Holy Spirit, not to want to get up to quickly but take in every experience and touch of God. I want thank God for prophet Willie and Ansie. I don’t trust people very easily but God has shown me and given me scripture, again and again, that I can truly trust prophet Willie. Thank you prophet Willie and Ansie for your patience and love toward us. We love and appreciate you.

Hasie du Preez

We moved to Piketberg in 2005.  For 3 years we searched for a church that could teach us the truth and would accept us into their family. My son told us about an English church in Porterville that he has heard about and on the 17th of February 2008 we decided to visit this church (Porterville Christian Family Church / Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries). From the moment we walked in I knew that we were going to be challenged. We certainly were! The pastor had a big cross around his neck (that he kissed) and which freaked me out totally and I thought “What is this?”  then to crown it all he walked up to my husband, took his hand and asked him why he’s so stubborn. The children and I started laughing because he was spot on. During the service we were challenged with the truth - not doctrine or opinions but the truth. Teachings that I have never heard before but knew it was the truth and that it was going to change my life. I was hungry for more of God and I knew that this was the house where I could get more and learn how to live and not die, how to speak to your mountain (mind) and not your circumstances, how to prophesy over your dead bones (situations), how your giving is connected to eternal life and so much more! God is so good. I am not the same. I have found a house where I know I will only get the truth and I feel safe in this house. I have also found spiritual parents for the first time in my life who I can go to and know that I can trust them with my life. They are always there for me and my family and I know I will always hear the truth. I eagerly await every service. I know that if I don’t go I will miss out on an awesome, life-changing teaching and I will experience God in a new way. I thank God for Willie & Ansie and for the sacrifices they make for this church in a small town called Porterville.

Corné T

I thank God for sending us to your church. Thank you for your prayers and the extra miles that you have walked for us. Thank you for all the teachings. Be assured that we apply it to our lives - and it works! We can really see the spiritual growth in our lives these last couple of years. We know that many times you and your family have suffered financially but it did not put you off to keep on building on the vision you have for us and Porterville.  We love you very much.

Abé & Jacky Kotze

I searched for a church where I could worship God, but I found a home where I can take shelter and just be myself. A house full of love and acceptance. THANK YOU! I searched for a pastor that could bring me closer to Jesus, but a found a Dad who teaches me, shows me Jesus’ heart but who is also prepared to correct me and help me up. THANK YOU! Thank you for not giving up.


It is not always easy for you in this town but you never give up and that motivates me. You once gave a word to the church to “Stay, for here you will be safe.” I thank God that I did stay because every day I can feel His protective hand over me. I also thank God for a pastor and his family that have a great input in my life. Thank you for all the great teachings which I could learn from and also apply to my life. Thank you for being our spiritual father.


I can only say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for what you mean to us as a ministry and to Porterville. Great breakthroughs are on its way for the truth will be victorious. We love you very much. We are looking forward in walking with you and Ansie for with with two people such as you it can only get better.

Deana Yardley

Thank you that we can be part of this ministry. We are so grateful that the Lord led our paths to your church in Porterville. We thank you so much for everything and for all the truths still to come. We don’t doubt for a moment that you hear from God because we apply the teachings and it works. Thank you for your teachings. Through them we can defend our minds against old thoughts. Thank you for not being selfish about the truth and the Living Word of God with which you deepen our lives and hearts. Your family are indeed a blessing to us. Thank you for sowing the Word and the truth into our lives.

Leon & Bonita Constance

I would like to express my gratitude for all the hard work you two have given us in this ministry. Thanks for the good times and for enduring in the not so good times. I, for one, have definitely prospered and learned through the teachings you have given us. Even though we may all have struggled at times, I want to say again a BIG thank you for helping me and caring for me constantly through everything. I am 100% behind this ministry because in THIS HOUSE I AM SAFE.

Nettie De Rusett

A letter to my favorite prophet thanking him for that which God has deposited through him into my life. Thank you very much for all the holy cows which no longer graze in my pastures. Thank you very much for all the doctrines which no longer shape my thinking. Thank you very much for all those scriptures which now mean something totally different to what I thought they did. Thank you for telling me that I am going nowhere (rapture). Thank you very much for including us in your family.

Kevin Treyvellen

Through wonderful friends we met a wonderful pastor and his wife. Thank you for the example that you set for us and the spiritual inspiration we always receive from you. May you always remain such wonderful people. We thank our heavenly Father for the two of you.

Marius & Mariette Van Deventer

Pastor Willie & Ansie, words are not enough to say thank you for all you did and mean in my life. You showed me Christ and for that I will forever be grateful. Thank you!

Lizel Wehlman

God thinks of all the souls He is busy drawing closer to Himself and He asks, :Who will I send?”. Willie answers, “Here I am God, send me!”. Thank you that you have listened and obeyed. Thank you for all your & Ansie’s sacrifices and patience to teach us and lead us into the Kingdom of God. It is a privilege to have such leaders.


This is just a testimony of what’s in my heart to testify about with whom and where I am. What I know is that I am at the right place with the right people. My greatest thanks is to the Lord for raising up a man for us to come and teach us how to have a kingdom lifestyle. Thank you prophet Willie for teaching us the way you are doing it. My whole life is changed through your teachings. Thank you for being obedient to the  voice of God to come and plant a church here in Porterville. I don’t think the people really know that they have a prophet that can lead them right into the kingdom. I know that I am already living in the kingdom. For myself, it is very nice to live a positive life and when hard times come, to speak the Word of God and to see and feel that His Word works. People of Porterville, Piketberg & the surrounding towns, please wake up and come and see that God has given us a “sent one” to lighten up our lives so that we can live a healthy & wealthy life in the Lord. You can come and test the ground - it is good soil. You will never be the same again when you sit under these teachings. I can testify to that - you can really enjoy life! Thank you prophet Willie for all you prayers. It is time ....!

Elisma Sscheffers

Hallo Willie. Thank you for your teachings. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for not being afraid to say that which must be said. Thank you for the Word you give to us. On Sunday I was caught between two battles - which was totally unnecessary because you hear all these teachings. You try to do the best with what you receive, but for no reason I allowed apples in my head to become trees. I looked at circumstances instead of standing on God’s Word and His promises for us. The only thing I could do right was to go to church on Sunday. I also said to God that I will not leave until I get an answer on the thousand questions I have. You then gave me a word that wasn’t even an answer to my questions but still answered every thing. This might sound confusing. I wanted to make other people’s stuff, mine - what must I do to make it better, blame myself? But now I know that the choises you make are the choises you make. May God help me. The teaching around being a priest and prayer - how awesome was that! It is as David says, “ Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death - even there I will find God.”

Simoné Smit

This testimony comes after Willie & Ansie’s outreach (Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries) to Albertinia in March 2009.

7 years ago I broke my ankle quite badly and just before the outreach I hurt the ligaments on the same ankle and had to go to the doctor. I had constant pain in my ankle from the break and was it agrivated from the ligaments I have hurt. During the meeting on Saturday I did not know how to sit anymore. Willie was closing the meeting talking about the power that can be in an anointed cloth like that of Paul and Peter. Willie had a towel with him that he used to wiped the oil from his hands after he had anointed people. I was thinking about asking him if I could “borrow” his towel to wrap it around my ankle because I knew a miracle will happen. The next moment he called me to the front to demonstrate the power that can be released from cloths when anointed by a man of God. The last thing I could remember was that he threw the towel at me and when the towel hit my stomac, I was out under the power of God - I didn’t know what hit me. The peace that I experienced while lying on the floor was just awesome. The towel was over my face and the smell from the anointing was just wonderful and cannot be conveyed in words. Someone pulled the towel from my face and I tried to say “no” but couldn’t. Later, when I could get up, I remembered my ankle. I started moving it around, up-and-down, the pain was totally gone. My ankle was still healed the next day and was it restored like it was before I broke it. HALLELUJAH! My daughter and I also run the tuck shop at the local school. On Sunday, after the outreach, we decided to start sowing a tithe to KLSM. On the Monday, for the first time, 99% of our stock was sold out. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the same thing.  There is only one way to describe what has happened because of this outreach - we have experienced God’s glory and power.

Willie & Ansie, thank you for coming. We are so hungry for more of God in the small towns because not everybody is preaching life and truth. We are waiting with expectancy for the next outreach later in the year.  God bless.

PS: It is now a week later, my ankle is still healed and I don’t have any pain or problems with it anymore!

Elna Du Toit - Albertinia

I come from a Pentecostal background all my life. Porterville was my new home since 2001 and I started to attend Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries in December 2001. I have never had such beneficial teachings ever. Suddenly everything began to be brand new and I saw the Bible in a light I had never seen it in before. I arrived with almost nothing - a few clothes, no money, no furniture. Today I have all my needs met - food, clothing, money and furniture. I now have a fully furnished house. I have learned to speak the Word over all my situations and God is still supplying all my needs through the wonderful teachings from prophet Willie Delport and his wonderful wife, Ansie. I am indebted to them and I praise the Lord for this spiritual house of God where I now live a prosperous life. I am emotionally, physically and spiritually healed in this house.

Nettie De Rusett

When my husband went to the doctor he was declared unfit to continue working. This wasn’t good news to us as we need the finances.  One evening, while we were praising and worshipping God in the service, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to sow my last R10.00. I reacted immediately and went to the front, sowed my seed and declared a breakthrough. The next week things started happening as my husband’s pension/disability was paid out much sooner than we had anticipated. My son also wanted to get married during this time and God worked in the hearts of people and were there sufficient finances as people just came and blessed us. Nothing is impossible with and for God! On another occasion, on my way to the supermarket to buy some things we needed for the house, I checked my purse and noticed that I do not have enough money to pay for the items. Just before entering the shop I decided to check my purse again. The money had suddenly increased as there were suddenly enough money to pay for the items. I started laughing and could not help it but to tell people next to me what had happened. God is good all the time and of His goodness there is no end. If we are faithful, He is more than faithful to take care of our needs. Thank you prophet Willie for teaching us the truth. It works.

Jana Fortune

A little while ago I sent a prayer request to you via email asking for prayer for a place to stay. I was given notice that my contract at the place where I was staying will not be renewed. My need for another place was rather urgent as I did not know of any places available and I didn’t know where to turn to except to ask you to agree with me in prayer. I just want to testify that God has heard and that I got a place to stay. I just want to say thank you for praying and believing with me for a place to stay. I have been visiting your church for some time now and want to say that it is awesome. I don’t want to be anywhere else. I am definitely becoming a partner with this ministry. Thank you so much to this ministry and it’s leaders. Here I have learned to rest in my faith. After doing that, God opened the doors for me.


On the morning of the 21st of May 2009 I made a declaration while I was praying (as we were taught by prophet Willie) that we as a family will live and not die. We also had communion that morning which we were taught is a table of life. I had no idea how important my declaration and the table of the Lord would be to us that day. Late that afternoon, at about 17:15, our only child, Joshua, eight years old, was playing outside with his rugby ball. The ball landed on a cover that was over a borehole. As he went to fetch the ball, the cover gave away under him and he fell into the five meter deep borehole. Suddenly we heard his screams as he yelled for his father. My husband, Abé, ran outside, saw what happened and jumped right into the borehole. There was nearly two meters of water in the borehole which made it impossible for Joshua to stand. With the help of some church friends that were there, we managed to get Joshua and Abé out of the borehole. Except for being shaken up a bit, there was nothing else wrong with him. We got to him just in time. Joshua lived and did not die!!

Thank you prophet Willie for teaching us the Word and truth and how to use God’s Word daily in our lives. Truly, we will live and not die.

Jacky Kotze

It was in 2008 about February/March, you and your wife were visiting us at a Wednesday evening prayer meeting. After the service you prayed for us and you, as an prophet, spoke a prophetic word over my life (which was unfortunately not taped). You prophesied how I would sing prophetically, the names of people will be revealed to me and I will start to sing over them and none of my words will fall on the ground - just like Samuel. A couple of months later – 31st of May 2008 – I was visiting the church of prophet Riaan Du Toit up in Gauteng. On that Sunday he gave me a prophetic word which was nearly word-for-word the same as the one you gave me, but I left it at that. About a month ago (Apr/Jun 2009) I went through a difficult time. I prayed, called, declared but it was as if this thing that was hanging over me didn’t want to lift. I asked the Lord what I should do and He said that I should take all the prophecies that He has spoken over my life, believe it, work with it and start walking in it. That led me back to a book (full of dust - to my own regret) in which I write all my prophecies. I obviously had to add the new prophecies as it had been quite a while since I spent time with this book. As I was writing them down, I just again realized what a good God I have as a Father, to think that He would use two different men of God to speak the same thing over my life. I just want to say that that prophecy of yours is carrying me and keeping me going in ministry and that you must not grow tired or despondent to speak what God has placed in your mouth because it changes the lives of people.


Dear prophet Willie
It affords me great pleasure to share with you that GOD has done great things in our house tonight.As I write this email the joy of knowing the healing power of GOD is evident on her (my wife’s) face and clearly states that GOD has done great things by healing her problematic stomach tonight. She is completely restored and her faith increased by enough measures required for her to catapult her into the next dimension. I believe that God has surely anointed you to hear from Him and accurately pursue His purposes. Thank you for being obedient to His word. REMAIN FOCUSSED ON THE CROSS.

Ivan T.Mangaliso

We are parents of a hearing impaired son of almost 16 years old. Enrico had a cochlea implant in 1995 and is wearing a cochlea hearing aid, which is very expensive. He is a scholar at De La Bat School for the deaf in Worcester in the Western Cape and was invited by the reverent of the school to attend a team- building weekend at his family farm near Sutherland during the long weekend in June 2009. The Tuesday (16/06/2009) evening when they returned we were informed that his cochlea hearing aid fell into the water as he and a friend were playing at the swimming pool (It was all an accident as none of them intended this to happen). Our first reaction were to our own surprise: " It is not the end of the world. Nothing is impossible for God. We trust and rely on Him. He will provide.” We knew that the hearing aid could not be repaired in South Africa and needed to be sent to Southern E.N.T in England, which could result in being an "expensive exercise". We do not have any insurance on this hearing aid as it is hardly cost effective as the hearing aid is far more costly than what the insurance is willing to insure it for. BUT we acknowledged the fact in faith, that JESUS IS our medical aid and our insurance. We trust, rely on, adhere to and believe in His promises only. We decided to speak life over this situation and "let go and let God"! Well needless to say God is faithful. Last week we received a call from the audiologist to confirm that his hearing aid is ready for collection at Tygerberg Hospital and the amount due will be R 3 350.00. I arranged for it to collected on Tuesday the 11th August 2009 and that the invoice was to be forwarded to us to do the payment via internet transfer. Well today (12/08/2009) when she phoned to confirm that Enrico has his own hearing aid back, she also said that she doesn't know how to explain it to us but the invoice is nil and void (paid in full). Marius, my husband, asked her how that was possible. Her only answer was if Southern E.N.T said it's paid, then it's paid. No questions to be asked. Well, what more can we say except thank You Lord our God. You are faithful. You are worthy to be called God Almighty, King of kings, Lord of lords, Prince of peace, the GREAT I AM. We also thank God for our pastor and his wife (Willie & Ansie) that's equipping and challenging us to a higher level of life and a deeper relationship with God. Being examples of trusting God, having faith and living a Kingdom Lifestyle. We know for certain that in this house (Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries) we are safe, being taught the knowledge of the truth, which sets us free. To God be the glory and the honor and the praise.

Marius & Antionette Smit

I just want to thank both of you (Willie & Ansie) for sharing the Word of God with me. I am so hungry for the Word and my entire life has started to change. AWESOME! “Thank you” cannot say how much the past revival meeting in Albertinia (August 2009) has renewed and changed my life. I have also listened to the Cds Prophesy to the dry bones”. After listening to it for a second time I started speaking to my dry bones exactly as you teach. I went to my cupboard, got out some bio-oil (I didn’t have any olive oil) to anoint myself. Then I saw the words at the bottom of the bottle - “contains the breakthrough ingredient”. I immediately anointed myself, my hands and my face. When I closed my eyes to praise and worship God I saw blood-red stripes so clearly and the blessings and glory that flows out of it - tithes, my own house that I am trusting God for, my car in which I can drive to church, finances that doesn’t stop, and the Holy Spirit impressed on me “By His stripes you are healed”. I had to share this with you. Glory to God. I am looking forward to your next visit to Albertinia.

Michael Landsman

Prophet Willie
I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet you in Albertinia. My wife and I came to Albertinia four years ago understanding and believing that the Lord has called us to impact the Body of Christ in Albertinia with that which He has impressed upon our hearts. For some time we started wondering if this message was crazy cause we havent come accross any person in Albertinia and surrounding that believed the way we do. We concur with you that we are meant NOT to die. We beleive that we are purposed to do the impossible ‘cause the Spirit of Life is in us. We further believe and understand that our lifestyle should depict the essence of who God is and the complete trust of all His promises. If according to Colosians the fullness of the Godhead resides in HIM (Jesus), we are convinced that the very same dimension and fullness resides in us. Yet until a week ago we decided to give up. We have been tired of fighting and we were starting to question and doubt the Word in our mouths and heart. We prayed that God would do something urgently!! Then your services happened - echoing the very same things that God has placed in our hearts. Speaking immortality, the Spirit of Life and the Spirit of Truth. God has answered. I believe that we needed to know that we are not the only people saying these things. I repented of my doubt and disbelief and trust God that the key ingredient that has been missing has been added...the joy. I want to thank you for your committment to His word and trust that God will create an opportunity for us to sit at your feet again.


I am very priviledged to be a partner of and in Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries where the Truth is taught and the Holy Spirit work in a mighty way. People are set free and the sick get healed. I was recently bitten by a spider and my whole body was covered in a rash and itching. I went to the docter and got an injection to take away the itching. The itching was releaved but my body was still covered with the rash like swollen flames. That was three days after my visit to the docter and my skin remained very sensitive. I went to church the following Sunday afternoon and Apst. Willie laid his hands on me and anointed me with oil. He asked God for complete healing in my body (not knowing that I was bitten by a spider). I went home driving at 25 km/h and when I got home (30 km further) my whole body was totally healed and no rash to be seen. It was completely gone. I was so excited about it and smsed Apst. Willie to confess my healing. I give thanks to God for the power of prayer in faith. God is faithfull to His promises. Believe in His Word, make it your own and see what God will do in love.

I thank my God that I can be part of a ministry planted by God and be equipped through you, His special messenger. Thank you for your obedience to God’s Word and His calling. Thank you for your love towards us and your patience with with us. Thank you for all the sacrifices that you and your family have made for the gospel’s sake - without wavering - and always giving your very best. I appreciate you, love you and honor you as God’s messenger.

Rea vd Wedthuizen

Only God and myself know how thankful I am towards you for being obedient to the voice of God to come and plant this church in Porterville. I have learned in 8 years from you more than I ever have in my previous church.

Elisma S

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