Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries is considering going live streaming on Sundays. This will enable people from across the world to login to our services on Sundays and follow our teachings and see what is happening as if they were in the church service. You will also be able to watch special occasions like our annual conference, guest speakers, etc. All you need is a computer and internet connection - NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES!

If you would be interested to watch us on the internet live, will you not please contact us and send us your details so that we can contact you and let you know when all this will happen?

You are welcome to make a donation to support us by going to our partnership page if you would like to help us with the initial setup costs and to get the Gospel out on the internet. Use “Live Internet” as your deposit reference.

Listen to the Truth, get equipped to a full measure of the Christ-life, share in a supernatural life here on earth.

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CHURCH ON THE WEB - Live Streaming

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