Dear Pastor,

The message that Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries bring, is different than your typical “guest speaker” message. The message that prophet Willie brings will challenge people to think differently, go for a higher level of life, opens up the hidden mysteries in God’s Word to present people with present truth and will create a hunger in people for the supernatural. Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries is targeted to reach hungry churches across South Africa and worldwide who are awake and looking for a fresh move of God to shake their city/town for God! The heart and passion of Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries is "The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory of God," which is the message of a Kingdom Lifestyle!

Some churches cannot afford to invite guest speakers because of the lack of finances; therefore prophet Willie & Ansie do not charge a fee to minister at your church. It will not cost your ministry anything, because traveling at their own expense, they will never request a set fee. Their only request and requirement is that a love-offering be taken up during each meeting they minister at, for Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries. No city or town is to big or to small for them to visit.

Willie also has a heart for pastors, to encourage them, equip them and to impart anointing upon them and their ministry. Pastors give out so much, go through hard times, etc. and then need someone that can impart back into their lives and encourage them; someone who knows and understands what they are going through. Prophet Willie has more that 30 years of experience in ministry that can be a blessing to the body of Jesus Christ. If you are a preacher and you can get other preachers together for a time around the Word, for impartation, anointing and encouragement, then you are welcome to invite Willie for ministry.

Here are recent testimonies of people whose lives were dramatically changed by the ministry of Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries:

This testimony comes after prophet Willie & Ansie’s outreach (Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries) to Albertinia in March 2009.

7 years ago I broke my ankle quite badly and just before the outreach I hurt the ligaments on the same ankle and had to go to the doctor. I had constant pain in my ankle from the break and was it agrivated from the ligaments I have hurt. During the meeting on Saturday I did not know how to sit anymore. Willie was closing the meeting talking about the power that can be in an anointed cloth like that of Paul and Peter. Willie had a towel with him that he used to wiped the oil from his hands after he had anointed people. I was thinking about asking him if I could “borrow” his towel to wrap it around my ankle because I knew a miracle will happen. The next moment he called me to the front to demonstrate the power that can be released from cloths when anointed by a man of God. The last thing I could remember was that he threw the towel at me and when the towel hit my stomac, I was out under the power of God - I didn’t know what hit me. The peace that I experienced while lying on the floor was just awesome. The towel was over my face and the smell from the anointing was just wonderful and cannot be conveyed in words. Someone pulled the towel from my face and I tried to say “no” but couldn’t. Later, when I could get up, I remembered my ankle. I started moving it around, up-and-down, the pain was totally gone. My ankle was still healed the next day and was it restored like it was before I broke it. HALLELUJAH!  My daughter and I also run the tuck shop at the local school. On Sunday, after the outreach, we decided to start sowing a tithe to KLSM. On the Monday, for the first time, 99% of our stock was sold out. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the same thing.  There is only one way to describe what has happened because of this outreach - we have experienced God’s glory and power. Willie & Ansie, thank you for coming. We are so hungry for more of God in the small towns because not everybody is preaching life and truth. We are waiting with expectancy for the next outreach later in the year. God bless.

PS: It is now some time later, my ankle is still healed and I don’t have any pain or problems with it anymore!

Elna Du Toit

I just want to thank both of you (Willie & Ansie) for sharing the Word of God with me. I am so hungry for the Word and my entire life has started to change. AWESOME! “Thank you” cannot say how much the past revival meeting in Albertinia (August 2009) has renewed and changed my life. I have also listened to the Cds Prophesy to the dry bones. After listening to it for a second time I started speaking to my dry bones exactly as you teach. I went to my cupboard, got out some bio-oil (I didn’t have any olive oil) to anoint myself. Then I saw the words at the bottom of the bottle - “contains the breakthrough ingredient”. I immediately anointed myself, my hands and my face. When I closed my eyes to praise and worship God I saw blood-red stripes so clearly and the blessings and glory that flows out of it - tithes, my own house that I am trusting God for, my car in which I can drive to church, finances that doesn’t stop, and the Holy Spirit impressed on me “By His stripes you are healed”. I had to share this with you. Glory to God. I am looking forward to your next visit to Albertinia. (After your visit, God supernaturaly opened doors for me for a very good job as Duty Manager at a nearby Game Ranch. Praise God! He is faithful!)

Michael Landsman

Dear Prophet Willie
It affords me great pleasure to share with you that GOD has done great things in our house tonight. As I write this email the joy of knowing the healing power of GOD is evident on her (my wife’s) face and clearly states that GOD has done great things by healing her problematic stomach tonight. She is completely restored and her faith increased by enough measures required for her to catapult her into the next dimension. I believe that God has surely anointed you to hear from Him and accurately pursue His purposes. Thank you for being obedient to His word. REMAIN FOCUSSED ON THE CROSS.


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