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Welcome to some information regarding Kingdom Lifestyle Academy.

The Badge:

The Cross; The Kingdom; The Word; Worship


“And You made us kings and priests to our God, and we will reign over the earth.” [Rev. 5:10]

We will be a private Christian school situated in Porterville and will be part of the ministry of Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries.

Students from all denominations will be welcome to enroll in our Academy and don’t need to be active members of Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries. Parents of students must however understand that the students will be taught and brought up to live a holy and godly life, serving God and teaching them a lifestyle of praise and worship.

Teaching will be done in English (don’t worry, it’s not so difficult) as to prepare students for the international market where Afrikaans speaking children don’t have to stand back or struggle because they can’t speak English properly.

We will be enrolling students from Grades R right up to Grade 12. We seek to prepare students to fulfil their purpose and potential in spiritual, intellectual, physical and social aspects of their life. We will offer an integrated Biblical view of learning and life with emphasis on personal responsibility, purpose, wisdom and skills in relationships.

It is a fact that education, not only in South Africa but in the world as a whole, is in a mess, therefore the decision to start with one of the best private Christian education programs - ACE School of Tomorrow.

The teachers (Supervisors) that will be appoint, will be registered with the South African Council of Educators (SACE) and will therefore be well trained and equipped to care for the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual well-being of the students. The appointed Principal and Pastor (under whose auspices the school is opened) will also undergo a two week training course in Durban at ACE’s facilities. The Academy will also be registered with the National Department of Education and the Western-Cape Department of Education.

The Academy will adhere to the Statement of Faith of Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries.

The Curriculum:

Grade R to Grade 1 will include:

• Physical development    • English and word building (mastering letters & shapes)    • Scripture memory    • Science, math, social studies & art, etc.

Teaching incorporates the phonics in all reading courses. These reading skills are further developed with a learning-to-read programme. In story telling giant animal and Bible story cards are used to allow students to visualize the story as the educator reads or tells the story.

Colourful Paces (work books) are used to cover a complete sequence of concepts and skill in the following areas:
• Mathematic concepts     • Association     • Space Orientation    • Social Studies    • Science    • Number and sound recognition    • The Wonders of God's world    • Biblical values    • Co-ordination

Each student receives one-on-one individualized assistance from his or her educator. Mastering of skills is supplemented by class activities (floor work). A discipline system is used in love to help the students undesrtand that they are special and that rules need to be followed. Good behaviour is rewarded while indiscretions are lovingly corrected.

Additional Activities can include :

• Art    • Basic Introduction to computers (3 to 5 years old)    • Future Kids (Grade R to Grade 1)    • Reading Program (Solar Reading System)    • Field Trips (Picnic's, visits to interesting places etc.)    • Basic ball skills development (once a week)

Grade 2 - Grade 12 Academics:
The following Learning Areas will be covered:
• Languages, Literacy and Communication (English, Afrikaans and Word Building)    • Mathematical Literacy, Mathematics and Mathematical Science (Maths and Business)    • Human and Social Sciences (Social Studies and Geography)    • Natural Sciences (Sciences Biology)    • Life Orientation (His servants, Biblical Studies and Health)    • Art and Culture (Art, Pubic Speech, Dance, Vocal Music, etc.)    • Technology (Computer Typing, A+, ICDL and Future Kids)    • Economic Management Sciences (Tourism, Accounting and Business Economics)

Culture and Sport:

Culture and sport will be added as the school grows to assist the students to achieve in these areas.

Site based Assessment (SBA) is done from the Foundation Phase (Grade R to Grade 3) right through till the Senior Phase (Grade 7 to Grade 12). At the end of Grade 9 the students write the GETC Examination set by the Government. All the Grades will meet the Outcomes and Minimum Requirements set out by the National Department of Education in all Learning Areas. Students will be able to graduate in Grade 12 from our School with an ACE General Certificate (3 Major Subjects) or a College Entrance Certificate (5 or 6 Major subjects). Students requiring entrance into a University can do so by writing the SAT 1 Examination at the end of their Grade 12 year (this in the process of change, for 2013, with the National Department of Education and will not be necessary any more).

Students work and progress at their own pace.

Students that have completed their studies through ACE School of Tomorrow are well received at Colleges, Universities and other tertiary institutions as they have already developed the skill to work independently and because of the standard of education.


Student Conventions for Christian Schools are held regularly, locally as well as internationally, where students from all registered Christian Schools participate against each other.

More information, application forms, school fees, etc. will be posted as soon as all our applications, registrations, etc. are finalized.

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Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries has a vision to start a private Christian school in Mossel Bay & Porterville. If you are interested and are living in these areas, you are welcome to contact us for more information and when we will be holding a public meeting to introduce the Academy to the community.

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